The Vocal Project is a film project, which is all about remarkable sound. The idea behind this film – which technically is going to be an image-commercial – is simple and completely new: We bring together the world's best vocal artists. At one place, at one time. Every artist on its own already provides a unique sound experience. But imagine four of them together. Every single one focusing on his individual skills yet completing each other to achieve a sound experience that is beyond comparison. You get an entire music band without any instruments.

To make sure that this jam session works and that the sound stays pure and natural, only the very best audio equipment can be applied. Those artists create music with nothing but their own voice. They live sound, they literally breath sound. So if you are able to capture that and put it into moving pictures, it's the ultimate testimonial for a brand that embodies passion for perfectly pure sound. This commercial would display the pursuit for unheard unique sound like nothing ever before.