Beyerdynamic is a German brand that manufactures high-quality audio equipment. Altough they have a lot of cool and affordable consumer products within their portfolio, they are primarily known for their professional gear for recording studios, artists, etc.

To introduce this brand and it’s whole portfolio to a new audience, I came up with the idea of putting together the world’s best vocal artists, give them this first class sound equipment and let them have a jam session. The kicker: They are not physically in the same room. They are only connected via a  videocall-setup, but because of the fine microphones and headsets they will feel like they are all together.

To give the whole thing a nice frame I made a storyboard where everything takes place in the awesome setting of an old opera house or theater.

You can see the complete storyboard and video samples of two vocal artists on the project’s microsite and watch the project teaser here: