The communicative center of re:value is an exchangeplatform we call community, a digital copy of society that focuses on the user and his individuality, a place to share personal interests, preferences and experiences and to communicate with friends and like-minded people.

Download a more detailed project description here (German)

The “own-minded” mobile device of the future serves as personal assistant and best friend at the same time. It adequately selects situational relevant information by observing the user and his/her environment and independently inter-exchanging with the community. Say the user is engaged with finding a new snowboard - the device will automatically arrange images and videos
of skiing vacations with snowboards, that the user might find interesting. These can be shared with friends who might throw in their own impressions and give product recommendations.

Beyond that you can access events and suggestions from the past via the feature history. The so called feature heatmap lets you see this information located on a map with current, constant shifting events called hotspots.

The ultimate blending of digital and real takes place at interactive surfaces - present everywhere within the urban infrastructure since they are entirely integrated into the cityscape. At these spots any desired number of users can meet, share experiences, have a media-supported conversation, play games and exchange information and recommendations.



In cooperation with Franziska Recht and Christin Hölscher. Supervised by Julian Koschwitz.