The people at Porsche Design asked us to come up with some ideas for a fictional subbrand – Porsche Design Food. So we used a 2-day-workshop to draft a worldwide launchevent for this new brand. For a limited period 6 popup-restaurants open their doors for one single night. One restaurant for each continent and specifically designed to fit the cultural background (e.g. a Japanese teahouse in Asia or an Arabic tent camp in Afrika).

The purpose of these restaurants is to bring together design/food experts and entusiasts and give them a once in a lifetime forum for discussions revolving around those themes. World-class chefs deliver insight into their craft.

At the end of the day the participants receive a little trophy in the form of a premium spice grinder made of glass and anodized steel and filled with a blend of local spices. Whoever was lucky enough to attend all six events can place the objects side by side so the glass parts will form a world map.