MEY is a traditional German manufacturer for underwear and lingerie. They are noticebly having difficulties to set themselfs apart from other brands which have already occupied terms like “seduction”, “playfulness” or “glamour”.

To solve that problem we developed a campaign that brings back the core value of MEY – feeling comfortable. As this is a subject that matters to everyone we did not want to limit ourselfs to a specific target group – we wanted to start a movement within the whole society. Everybody has a different opinion on what a feel-good-feeling might look and feel like. So instead of pretending to know it better than the rest, MEY makes a call for everbody to help finding this feeling.

A small group of people will travel through Germany for a specific period and talk to neuroscientists, bohemians, sociologists, extreme sport athletes, artists and private persons. During this time people can follow the expedition online, submit ideas for people and places to visit and dicuss the progress and results of the expedition with others.

The insights and impressions of the trip will result in a beautiful volume of photographs and will be the source for MEY’s next catalog. The participants can pose as models which will give the catalog a story and a much more personal and intimate feeling.

MEY won’t be a brand that is only about underwear or fashion. It will the first brand that jumps to mind when you think about “feeling comfortable


Concept development in cooperation with Marian Sander.