Making great products is the first step to a company’s long-lasting success, but people also need to hear about these products and need a reason to love your brand. Then you have the chance to turn customers into fans and evangelists.

Lunge Schuhmanufaktur was born when Lars and Ulf Lunge decided that they weren’t satisfied with the manufacturing quality of major players like Nike or Adidas. They started their own company and put years of experience as sneaker retailers and passionate runners into the making of their own shoes.

To help them taking it to the next level, I developed a CRM-concept.

Step 1 – Redesign. The brand needs a complete makeover. The logo feels outdated and does not work on all surfaces and in all media. In contrast to their first-class build quality the shoes look clumsy and not worth the 200,- EUR you have to put down for them. So new corporate design and new product design for the entire shoe line-up.

Step 2 – Personalization and Customer Integration. There will be a new online-forum for discussions about running and training + nutrition schedules, the research lab twitters about new projects, a promo-truck journeys through Germany and lets you test new shoe models, which can be customized for a correct fit and – last but not least – there will be an annual run the brothers Lunge take part in themselfs followed by a Q+A for all participants.