The task of this project was to build a brand from scratch based to on legacy of aviation pioneer Claude Dornier. Because he was a trailblazer we wanted the brand to be just like him. Not just a paste-on label for luxury goods but a brand with a vision and strong own voice. Based on this idea we defined three core values for C. Dornier.

Intransigence & Heroism – be unadapted. go your own way. become legendary.
Verve & Fascination – listen to your inner child and sweat away when it’s asleep.
Creativity & Constructiveness – break the rules. raise the bar. make a difference.

We then translated those values into the corporate, product and interior design.

The signet is inspired by the looks of compass needles and airfoils. The first product is a range of modular suitcases, which can be configured for every personal need. The design of the flagship store contains aeronautic elements such as pilot seats made of vintage leather and a baggage carousel that displays the products.

A project with Holger Blockhaus, Maja Ocvirk and Jonas Pavlicek