► press release by the university Pforzheim about the thesis (German)

Despite the fact that there is definitely awareness for the relevance of innovation in economy and politics and everyone wanting more of it, in most cases there still seem to be no practical measures to meet this desire. We all want change but we fear the consequences that change brings. When it is time for implementing radical ideas and breaking up existing structurs and mindsets you will often hear things like “Never change a running system. / If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!”

Innovation started to become a trendy buzzword with no deeper meaning. It is of course very convenient to pretend that innovation is a core brand value, but it’s a very different beast to really internalize this mantra down to the last employee and develop a truly innovation-oriented corporate culture.


In a lot of cases the people responsible for innovation and innovative processes within a company do not have the authority and expertise that would be necessary to successfully deal with this topic. If there is a think tank – good. If nobody in the rest of the firm is interested in hearing what the people of this department have to say – a waste of time and money. There should be someone being on par with the CEO and Board, who really understands the importance of innovation and fights for good ideas and new approaches to become accepted and further developed.

In these days where technology and society develop and change so quickly, a once outstandig Business idea can be outdated within a few weeks. What was working yesterday might be obsolete tomorrow. Only those who are willing to anticipate and actively route whatever is coming up next will be the ones to raise the bar for the rest.