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Hi, my name is Christoph.

I am a strategy designer. I come up with ideas for new services, products, processes, structures, etc., I work in multidisciplinary teams, I focus on the user, I keep in mind that I am not designing for contests or showcases but for real people with real problems. I like to think that good design will always be more than the combination of aesthetics and functionality. It enhances people‘s lives. This is how I do it:

Workshop Facilitator
Attending and preparing/executing numerous ideation workshops has helped me to better understand creative processes and see the potential of collective ideation. So far I have participated in workshops hosted by: Daimler AG Customer Research Center, Christian Schneider (former Project Manager at IDEO), Porsche Design, INDEED Innovation, Tulp Design and Brainstore Zurich.

I intensely started visualizing stories when I took classes in storyboarding and creative writing during my studies at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover in the BA program Media Design. By now I am working as a freelancing illustrator and storyboard artist for clients like Volkswagen AG and Nike Germany.

Concept Maker
Coming up with new concepts is probably the most interesting part of being a strategy designer. When you focus on the end-user, you usually get very interesting insights into his/her understanding of a brand or the use of a product. As a designer I take those insights, try to figure out hidden needs and translate them into a solution.

What I learned from being director of a film crew and head of a group of designers – A good leader doesn‘t use his crew to let his own work shine, he uses his abilities to let the crew shine. He recognizes their motivation and their – sometimes concealed – skills to raise the potential and improve the output of the whole group. I like working with different kinds of people in an multidisciplinary environment. Everybody has their own story to tell and their ideas and expertise to contribute.

You can have the greatest idea and the best execution – sometimes things still don‘t speak for themselves. Then you need a presentation that is intriguing and illustrative, entertaining and explanatory. That is why I like to tell stories instead of showing bullet point covered slides.



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Concept + Strategy Designer

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